Friday, October 22, 2010

I wonder...

We got this idea from Miss Rodda’s Prep/One/Two blog and 2KM @ Leopold Primary School!.
Look at this picture of Hindus celebrating a festival in Mumbai and use your imagination and creativity to think of some questions beginning with I wonder...


  1. Hello Grade 5/6
    I wonder what it would be the top of the stunt and what would happen if you would fall.

  2. Hello Classmates,

    I wonder if they would make that stack of people bigger. And if they did how would they?
    But it still would be fun.

  3. Dear Grade 5/6,
    I wonder how many people are in that picture?
    All i know it's alot.
    Do you know how many there are?
    From Sarah

  4. Dear 5/6,
    I wonder how many Hindus there are in the world.
    I wonder how many years (or months) it took to perform that stunt.
    What’s your thought about the picture?

  5. @Dear Alex,
    I don’t know how it would feel to be up there, but all I know is that I wouldn’t want to be up there looking down at the people hoping I wouldn’t fall. By the way I’m not afraid of heights.

    Dear 5/6,
    I wonder what time of year they do this Mumbai festival.
    Where they held the festival?
    And why they do so dangers stunts?
    What are your thoughts and feelings?


  6. Hey year 5/6,
    That celebration is wild! I wonder how they get up there. What would happen if the human ladder fell, what would happen then?

    @Dear Sarah,
    If I did count all the people in the photo I think I wouldn`t be at school for a while. All I can say is that there is hundreds of people in that photo.


  7. Dear Sarah
    There are too many people in that photo to count but I reckon about 600 people are in the photo.500 in the crowd and 100 on the stunt.
    I'm not afraid of heights as well.
    Are you afraid of heights Grade 5/6 ?

  8. @Dear Alex,
    I think the estimation you made was pretty good as Bailey said there are to many people to count be having a estimation is a great way to find the closest answer.

    @Dear Bailey,
    I totally agree that the festival is wild. I’ve been to a festival like that but with a lot less people and instead of stunts on the streets there are performances but its still wild.

    Have you ever been in a wild festival?

  9. Dear Sarah I haven't been to a wild festival but I the think it would be fun to go to one .

    Dear Bailey if the stack was to fall I think there would be a lot of injured people and a lot of shocked people.

  10. Hello Fellow Classmates,

    I wonder what would happen if they made that stack of people bigger and if they did how?
    And I also wonder how many people there is, I think there is about 300 people.
    What do you think?

  11. Dear classmates,
    I just thought there are a lot of people with orange tops on in the crowd
    and I was wondering why there are a lot of them.
    Do you Know why?

  12. Dear Grade 5/6

    This festival looks crazy! What if one person fell what would happen to the rest of them and if, how could they get more people on top?

    - Patrick

  13. Hello Parktone and its well educated amount of smarties!
    I wonder what the World Record is for “most people stacked above one another.” What do you think it is? Bye for now Grade 5/6.

  14. Dear Grade 5/6,
    If you look at the picture you may realize there are quite a few different people wearing the same colour tee- shirts. That leads to my question, I wonder if the different people wearing the same colour tee-shirts are in one group that do there tricks together, what do you think?

    Yours Sincerely Tash

  15. Dear @ Stephanie,
    I had a look at the World Record of the most people stacked above one another. Unfortunately I didn’t find it but if I did I think it would be huge. Nice question by the way.
    From Sarah

  16. Dear grade 5/6
    Sarah it looks like it could be a world record but I saw one on the inter net that looked a bit taller.
    From Alex.

  17. Hello again Parktone and the Grade 5/6 students,

    @ Bailey I agree I do wonder how they all get up… I personally thing they may climb on each others shoulders as if they were a ladder, who thinks other wise and why?

    Stephanie 5/6 a

  18. Greeting Grade 5/6 it’s me, Stephanie, Again,
    @ Sarah thank you for responding to my question. I think it is great that you tried to find the answer for me, as well as you I had trouble trying to find the answer to my own question. Does anyone here know any secure and helpful sites I could use to try and find interesting facts?


  19. @Stephanie and @Sarah

    The tallest human pyramid is 10 tiers. I found this information and some other great pics here.

    Hope this helps!
    Mr Briggs

  20. Dear smart grade 5/6
    I wonder how long it would take to make that huge
    stunt?The Mumbai festival is humongous. I wonder why there are so many people there?

  21. Dear the smart year 5/6's at Parktone Primary School,

    If you look closely into the picture you will realise that the people are forming a circle around a pile of people. This leads me to my question, I wonder what the people around the heap of people are watching. What do you think the people are watching?

    From your kind classmate,

  22. @ Bailey,
    I think if the human ladder fell a lot of people would defiantly get hurt but maybe they have a special procedure to ensure that most of the people don’t get hurt!

    Dear Wonderful 5/6’s,
    I wonder how long they practice there stunts before they perform them at the Mumbai Festival? Does any one know I would really like to find out!

    Yours truly, Tash

  23. Dear @ Parktone,
    Thanks for taking the time to find the answer. I had a look at the photos from the link. There are some really difficult and unusual pyramids. If you want to see some more human pyramid pictures clickhere

  24. @ Tash
    I think that they would've practised months beforehand and there probably would be and injury or two.

    @ Mr Briggs
    The pictures look really cool and crazy .

    Yours Sincerely Alex

  25. @Sarah
    Wow those photos are great! Did you make that Weebly site or was it one that you found?

    Mr Briggs

  26. I wonder how it would feel to be at the bottom of any of those crazy pyramids. Sarah the pictures that you povided were very interesting so thankyou for sharing them. How do you think it would feel to be at the bottom of the pyramids? I know I would be scarred if someone made one slight movement everyone could fall on me.
    Thankyou for reading Imogen.

  27. Dear wonderful Grade 5/6,
    I wonder how it would feel to be on the bottom of that gigantic stack holding all that weight up in the air you could maybe break your back and you might want to check out this picture of a human stack HTML link

    Do you think it would break your back?

  28. Dear @ Mr. Briggs,
    Yes I did make that Weebly site it was because the site that I found it on had some impropriate photos so I saved the pyramid photos and made a quick site.

    Dear @ Imogen,
    Thanks for your wonderful comments about my site with Human Pyramids on it.
    And if I was at the bottom of that pyramid I would be so scared and terrified plus it I think it would hurt carrying all the weight of those people.
    Do you think it would hurt to be at the bottom carrying all that weight?
    (If you want to vist my site just click Human Pyramids.)

  29. Dear wonderful Grade 5/6,
    I wonder if that amazing tower of humans has ever fallen over and ever seriously injured any people. But what I think about most is all those people at the bottom of it holding up that weight wouldn't it break there backs.

    Do you think it would break your back.

  30. Dear @ Jared I think that they wouldn't break there backs because they have had so much practice and the strong people would be at the bottom and the small and weak at the top.

  31. Dear brilliant Grade 5/6,
    I wonder how many people there are in that pyramid and how the people at the top will get down safely.How many people do you think are in that pyramid?
    From Michelle

  32. Dear Michelle
    I think that there is about 100 people in that stunt what do you think grade 5/6.

  33. Dear brilliant grade 5/6,

    I wonder how the guy on top got up there! What if one person pushed somebody else, what do you think would happen to the rest of them?

    Yours sincerely Pat

  34. Dear@ Patrick,

    The guy on the top of that amazing human stack would get a ladder or use some sort of skills to get up there.

  35. Dear wonderful grade 5/6
    I wonder what would happen if it started raining and every one started rushing down and they all fell over.
    Yours sincerely Alex

  36. Hi grade 5/6
    I was wondering what the organisers thought about what if they wanted to have 600 people come and only 7 people came or they waned 600 people to come and 10000 people what would happen?

  37. Hi the wounderful grade 5/6,
    I wounder how many people are in that picture. i would say about 600, but their would be nearly 1000 that are not in that picture at all.

  38. Dear@Amelia
    Good thinking that is a very good estimate Amelia.
    I would say there would be 500 people in that picture and 1000 that aren't in the picture.
    From Alex

  39. Dear all,
    well, I am afraid of heights so I will not be attempting to do this.
    from Alex's mum.