Thursday, October 7, 2010

Grade Avatar

Here is a collection of the student drawings that they wish to be the grade's avatar. Which one do you like?


  1. Dear Grade 5/6,
    You have all done a terrific job at designing avatars. They are very creative and colorful. I'm really looking forward to seeing which one you choose. How many votes do you think the winning design will get?
    Good Luck everyone.
    From Mr Briggs

  2. Hello,
    Everyone has tried hard with their pictures and they turned out looking fantastic. I loved all the pictures but the picture that I think should be chosen is Lissy's. Lissy has lots of colour in her picture which makes it bright.Good Luck everyone.
    From Michelle
    P.S:I think the winning design will get 8 votes.

  3. Everyone has tried there best and if I could I would choose them all, but since I have to choose one I think that Natashia’s is my favorite…it show’s the happy friendly atmosphere our school has to offer and is bright and colourful like Parktone’s students.

  4. Aimee: I think the most colourful would have to be yours just looking at all the cheerful colours in it makes you feel happy like every day at Parktone!!!

    Parktone/ Mr. Briggs: I think the winning design will get at least 10-15 votes because there is a lot to choose from and all are extremely colourful, but we all have different opinions and like different things!!!

  5. Hi,
    I think everyone did a great job at creating these avatars. It was so hard just to choose one. If I was allowed I would choose everybody’s. In the end my decision was to pick Hannah’s because the colors stand out and the picture explains our school motto. Thanks for reading my comments and good luck to everyone!
    P.S Which one do you like?

  6. @Imogen
    I didn't notice that Natashia's had all the house colours represented. What a great idea. It makes me like it even more, but is it my favourite?

    Lissy's is certainly one of my favourites. The simplicity of it really appeals to me and the way the background kind of shimmers like water is appealing.

  7. Hello grade 5/6,
    Well done on all the avatars. I think Pats really shows what the school is about. I am hoping that Pat will win.
    Good Luck

  8. Hi everyone,
    I loved all of your pictures, but I would have to say my favourite is Natashia's. I thought it was very bright and colourful.
    Goodluck everyone,

  9. Hi,
    I think everyone has done a tremendous job in creating and completing their own display picture that they think should become the Parktone twitter display picture. I really think there are many great pictures, but the one that sticks out the most is Jared's picture. The colours really compliment each other. Do you think the same?
    Good luck to everyone I hope Jared gets chosen!! :)

  10. Hello, Grade 5/6's

    I believe that everyone has done a smacking job and it is unbeleivably hard to choose. But in my opinion Natashia derserves to win. I believe this firmly and strongly and hope she wins.

    Yours sincerely, Kelvin

  11. Everyone has done a magnificent job in designing their class avatar. They have all had a lot of hard work put into them and the one I think best represents Parktone is Patrick’s drawing because it shows our friendship towards each other! It also has a lot of colour, don’t you think? Good luck Patrick and I hope your drawing gets chosen to be the class avatar!

  12. Hello year 5/6
    Well done to everyone who published an avatar. The one that stands out for me is Baileys because it is very colourful and it has the school colours.

    From Jared

  13. Hello 5/6
    Great work on the avatars I voted for Natashia's
    because it was showed what the school is about and it was colourful.

    From Travis

  14. Hello,
    I think everyone in year 5/6 has done a fantastic job. I agree with Aimee I also think Natashia has done a great and wonderful job at designing her avatar. I like how she included the four house colours. I feel Natashia presented it really well with her funky face.
    Who do you think did the best job?

  15. I think that you all did a fantastic job, you should be proud of your selves, but I really like Sarah's because it's very colourful and it stands out very well. Which one do you like the best?

  16. Dear grade 5/6,
    All of your drawings are extremely good and it was really hard choosing but I especially liked Amy's because it has a colourful background and I really liked the way you drew the Parktone school logo because it was neat. I also liked the colours of it

    From Chris

  17. Dear grade 5/6,
    Everyone has done a excellent job with their avatars. It looks like you have taken your time and thought about what you were going to draw. I think that Natashia should win because her avatar is bright and colourful.
    Good luck everyone.

  18. Hello,
    It seems like everyone mostly likes Natashia's and Lissy's the most, but the choice is very hard. I have to say that I do also like Natashia's and Lissy's. After reading everyone’s comments it makes me feel like I should consider changing, but Jared's avatar really shows great colours against one and another.
    Do you agree with me?

  19. To 5/6's,
    I have looked at everyone's avatars and you all have done a great job. If I could I would vote for everyone but I can only pick one.
    I chose Natasha's avatar because like Imogen said it has represented our school by the house colours. It is very colourful and bright.
    P.S Who do you think will win??

  20. Hello,
    Well done to everyone who has created a picture, you have all done a tremendous job. My personal favourite is Amelia's and Natashia's because Natashia's has alot of thought and detail and Amelia's has a very simple glow when I look at it, it attracts my attention.

    Thankyou for reading my comment and I wonder who will win blog of the week?

    From Arya

  21. Hi I'm Jack,
    Everyone has done a fantastic job.
    I really like stephanie's picture because it's very colourful.
    From Jack

  22. Hi,
    i just want to say well done to everyone who has had a vote. Especially Natashia on 4 votes great job also well done to Jared, Hannah, Amelia, Lissy, Sarah and Patrick.

  23. Dear grade 5/6,
    Congratulations to everyone for drawing wonderful avatars. I espiecally liked Natashia's drawing because it is neat and colourful.
    From Ken

  24. Dear grade 5/6,
    I thought Natashias drawing was the best. It is extremely bright and colourful. I think you deserve it the most because it has so much detail in the very pretty and glowing face.

  25. I think Natashia’s drawing is great. This picture attracted my eyes, it was so colorful, detailed and it represented our school. So I vote for Natashia, goodluck let’s see who wins Monday!

  26. Hello grade 5/6,
    I loved all your drawing's so much. They were all so fantastic and wonderful, but I think Lissy's should win because it's so bright and delightful!
    From Bessi
    P.S Do you agree with me?

  27. Hi i'm James,
    I really like Hannah's avatar because it is
    very blue and very colourful too!
    From James

  28. Hello year 5/6,
    I like Jared's the most because it is super colourful. I hope Jared wins. It was a very hard choice because everyone's is magnificent.
    P.S: I wonder who you liked the most.

  29. Hi 5/6s,
    Amazing job on all the avatars but because I can only choose one it would have to be Natashia's.It shows all the house colours and represents how fun Parktone is.
    From Mitch
    P.S:Who do you think is the most funky?

  30. Hello Grade, 5/6

    I think this was a really good idea. I voted for Travis because his avater represented the school and it was really neat and colourful.

    Who do you think will win?
    By Bevan

  31. Hello Grade 5/6,
    Everybody' did a great job in drawing their avatars. I think Kevin's is the best because he has put a lot of effort and pride into his work!
    Who do you think will win?
    From Pat.

  32. Dear Grade 5/6, Well done to all the grade 5/6's that have submitted an avatar. Everyone has done a fantastic job! But the one that caught my eye the most, was Natashia's because it was so bright and colorful.
    From Conor
    PS:Which one has the brightest colors?

  33. Hi Grade 5/6
    I think everyone did a wonderful job and everyone's pictures are very colorful and different.My favourite one is Natashia's,I think it is very creative and very clever because she used all the house colors.

    From Tina

  34. Hello 5/6
    Everyone has done a good job. I like them all ,butI think Natashia's is the best. It has a lot of meaning to it that is why I am voting for her.
    From Fred
    P.S. Who do you think should win and why?

  35. Dear 5/6 students,

    I've thought long and hard whose avatar I will choose,the one I like is Hannah's because it is our school logo and is exstremly colorful.
    Good luck evryone.

  36. Hi everyone,
    You have all done a great job in your grade avatars but i really liked Natashia's avatar. It has good detail and has the school house colors.
    Don't you agree with me?

  37. Hello Class Mates,
    Well done to everyone. You all produced wonderful avatars and I wish I could vote for them all. But I couldn't stop admiring Keely's avatar. It so eye catching and bright. It really shows how the teachers help the students at our school. Well done to everyone!

    From Judith.

    P.S: Good luck Keely! Does any one agree with me?

  38. Hello Year 5/6,
    Good job to the Grade 5/6's that did great avatars.I like all of them, but I think Jared's pattern was really good.

    From Lachlan

  39. Well done Year 5/6,
    Everybody did a fantastic job. I really like Alex's and Tegan's.They both really stand out. It was really hard to choose, but I ended up voting for Tegan.Tegan's picture shows all the lovely space we have to work in. Good luck Tegan!
    :) Chloe

  40. Dear Grade 5/6,

    Everyone did such a brilliant job that I almost couldn't choose. But I finally disided to vote for Stephanie's avatar. She did such a greatjob and it really caught my eye!

    From Hannah.

    P.S. Who do you think will win?

  41. Good job Grade 5/6,
    There was a lot of good drawings but there was one smashing one it was Natashia’s, The colours were awesome the design was fantastic and it looked effective .
    I hope the best one wins. From Alex

  42. Hello Year 5/6,
    Well done on all your comments for our first post. The voting for the grade avatar was very close between Lissy and Natashia, with Natashia winning in the end. The grade however, decided that as Lissy has returned home to England we would use her avatar for the first week.
    I look forward to your comments as we continue using our blog.
    Mr Briggs

  43. Hello 5/6,
    Well done to Lissy for winning the "grade avatar of the week." Everyone did a fantastic job.
    Well done Lissy, Amy

  44. Dear the Wonderful Grade 5/6
    Welcome to the 5/6 blog. Today we are learning about HTML by using bold and italics for our blog.-Jasmyne.

  45. Dear Grade 5/6

    Welcome to our blog. At the moment were learning HTML by bold for our blog . Well we learn something every day- Brooke

  46. You may like to visit our class blog Here -Jasmyne

  47. You may like to visit our class blog here

  48. Hi 5/6.
    Great job with your avatars they are absolutely amazing and I'm impressed. If I could choose the best one I would choose Natashia's and second best would be Stephanie's. The reason I chose those were because of the beautiful designs and nice and simple pictures. I absolutely think that your class has very good artwork and are magnificent at it.

    Hope everyone has a great time blogging and good luck in the challenge.
    From your new blogging friend, Kate.

  49. Hello,
    Congratulations Lissi! Your picture got chosen to be the Avatar for Twitter. Cant wait to see who's picture gets picked next . Who do you think will get picked?
    By Chloe Horler

  50. Hello,
    Congratulations Lissi! Your picture got chosen to be the Avatar for Twitter. Cant wait to see who's picture gets picked next . Who do you think will get picked?
    By Chloe Horler

  51. Hi everyone,

    We have now put up Natashia's avatar as the grade avatar. Well done Natashia for your great design.

    Mr Briggs

  52. Today I blogged on a blog called "we won!”. Here is a link to the blog-
    From Michelle

  53. Dear class mates,
    Today I blogged on Bers Blog. I commented on his song that he made. It was really awesome!
    Do you like blogging on other peoples blogs?

    From Judith

  54. Hello everyone,
    I just wanted to ask who is our next avatar I don't think it has been changing? I think it might even be Natashia's avatar agian?


  55. Hi Amelia, Thanks for coming to my blog and putting a comment on it! I liked your drawing the best!

    Love, Charlie

    p.s.: Where are you from?:)

  56. Hi Arya, Thanks for coming and putting a comment on it! I loved your drawing. I think you are a true artist!

    Your friend,

    p.s.Do you know Amelia?